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Tailoring Tradeskills in World of Warcraft

Tailoring skills is one of the tradeskills that allow players to cut and weave various pieces of cloth and other elements into bags, shirts, armor and other cloth items. It is very useful skills for players because you can offer tailoring goods for yourself, and you allow sell your productions for World of Warcraft gold in the game.

Tailors play an especially important role in guilds because they can create bags for the entire guild (as long as there are sufficient raw materials). They can also create specialty bags such as Herbalism bags that can increase gathering for the guild. For Mage, Warlock and Priest classes are only allow equip armors, Tailoring also can make the fitting equipments to them. If players who have produced a very high level of armors already, they can supply this service to other careers. In this way, players of guild will save much gold, in addition to this benefit, if players have found other ways to gain easy WoW money, you never need to buy WoW gold from others.


Tailors are the main creators of bags that can offer members the biggest bags. Of course, every player is possible get bags from some monsters, the rewards of completing quests and buying from NPC merchants. Without doubt, rewards including gold and experience. However, tailor can offer bags with lower price. Every class needs and wants bags, so this provides excellent opportunities for tailors and also makes them extremely popular until players have all of their bags. As tailors increase their level, they can more easily find or purchase ingredients for bag making.

Special clothing

Tailors can also create special outfits such as dresses or formal attire. In special occasions, you will impress other players with this clothes, such as wedding dress, Tux shirt and Tux pants etc.


Tailors can also create wide array different shirts. They have different in colors and shapes. According to characters wearing the armor of different, sometimes you can see the shirt under armors. Shirts can make your character look more beautiful so that tailors can sell your goods to some players who like to dress up.

Original materials

If you are a tailor, you need not to learn gathering skills, but you must get some original materials from monsters or other players. If your friends know you are a tailor, you just tell them what raw materials you need, they may help you to collect.

As tailors, you need original materials are divided into wool, silk and the magic cloth, which can generally be found from the monsters who look like human, and you also can ask other players what kinds of monsters would drop these things. To complete one goods, you usually have to buy sewing and staining from NPC merchants. In addition, you may also need leather, gems, pharmaceutical and other special materials. All these things you can gain from other players or kill monsters.