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Malon’s MOP Mage Tips 5.2

Mogu’shan Vaults

  · Blazing Speed is a good way to quickly paint a lot of tiles in the heroic Stone Guard encounter

  · Using RoP+glyphed Evocation in Gara’jal’s spirit realm will constantly renew the Spiritual Innervation buff.

 · Nether Tempest is the most efficient way to kill Gara’jal’s adds. Apply it to each one; it’s faster than directly damaging them.

  · You can Blink out of Subetai the Swift’s Pinning Arrow on the Spirit Kings encounter.

  · Ticks/explosions from NT and LB DO NOT proc the negative effects of the shields on Heroic Spirit Kings.

  · Spamming Scorch during phase 2 Elegon, increases your chances of a HU proc. Pyro! is absolutely necessary to down the Energy Charges.

  · Place Rune of Power nine-tenths inside Elegon’s ring; you’ll benefit from it while standing on the edge & jumping to clear stacks.

  · The Glyph of Blink causes the spell to bug out on Elegon’s platform; remove it for that fight.

  · Touch a Spark and quickly Blink to avoid damage on H Will of the Emperor.

Heart of Fear

  · A FAST Blink will sometimes let you avoid the damage from Tay’ak’s Unseen Strike (there is a short stun before the damage).

  · It’s possible to spread CB from Garalon’s body to his up to 2 legs, but only from a leg to his body – never another leg.

  · Glyphed Ice Lance will cleave from Garalon’s body to his legs, but not vice versa.

  · You can Blink out of Amber Prisons in the Wind Lord Mel’jarak encounter.

  · Mel’jarak’s Blademasters will put a debuff on players before charging them; this can be Ice Blocked off, cancelling the charge.

  · Ice Block will remove Amber-Shaper Un’sok’s Parasitic Growth ability – a great help in Phase 3.

Terrace of Endless Spring

  · Alter Time will reset your Dread Shadows stacks on Tsulong to 1, no matter how many you had when you cast it.

  · ArcEx can be used to keep Arcane Charge stacks during Lei Shi’s Get Away! ability.

  · Greater Invis and Alter Time appear (unconfirmed) to remove stacks of Scary Fog on H.Lei Shi. Try not to be assigned to this role.

  · Ice Block can be used to negate Breath of Fear, giving more uptime on the Sha of Fear’s adds. Double the fun with Cold Snap!

  · Greater Invisibility is a viable alternative on Sha of Fear; it will be up for every Death Blossom, allowing you more DPS time.

  · The Sha of Fear is big enough that AEx will refresh your AC stack from a fair distance. Use it before Cackle to retain your stack!

Throne of Thunder

  · Blazing Speed is my Recommended Talent for Jin’Rokh the Breaker; combine with Blink for speedy recovery from orb kiting.

  · Build a big Combustion on Tortos; it can be spread to mini turtles as they spawn.

  · Useful! #MageTips RT @jnsplace Use Ice Floes on Tortos during turtle or rock dodging phases.

  · Slightly less useful. #MageTips RT @IRONF0RGED Don’t die.

  · Blazing Speed + Cinder on Megaera = super-fast Icy Ground melting.


  · RoF is great to temporarily halt (then gather for AE) one stream of Ancestors during An Urgent Plea

  · Haste increases ALL your regen, not just passive; It affects mana gained from Evocation and Gems, too.

  · Temporal Shield with Cauterise is an amazingly sexy combination with massive self-healing potential.

  · Make a macro for /cast Mage Bomb. It will change depending on the Bomb you pick.

  · Damage from Blizzard and Flamestrike do not break Frost Nova.

  · With reasonable latency and glyphed DF, you can get an IL+DF combo off with just one FoF charge. Lance MUST come first!

  · A macro combining Temporal Shield (off the GCD) and Incanter’s Ward is very useful!

  · The first ‘tick’ of Frozen Orb will always grant a FoF charge.

  · Alter Time will only interrupt spell casting if you’ve moved since casting it. If you stand in the same place, it won’t.

  · This post on EJ is an excellent chart that tells you exactly when your next haste breakpoint is approaching.

  · The Glyph of Rapid Teleportation will also work on portals cast by other Mages and NPCs (like the one on Shan’ze Dao)

  · Glyph of Icy Veins contains a hidden +20% chance to proc Fingers of Frost, to make up for the reduced tick speed of Bomb spells.

  · ‘Fight fire with fire’ does not apply to A’lar.

  · Use “/cast [@target] Frostbolt” to stop yourself auto-casting at your pet.

  · Your Bomb spells will explode when your target dies, not just when they expire.

  · Arcane Explosion makes the Pest Problems daily, for the Tillers, ridiculously fast (5.2 update: also applies to The Creeping Carpet of Ihgaluk).

  · Contrary to opinion, Arcane AoE IS viable (on high-health targets). Bomb, Flamestrike and clear stacks with ABG, rather than keeping them.

  · Ancient Teleport: Dalaran (from Koegler’s shelves if Book Burner doesn’t hit books) is a great way to get to the Greench…or troll raid mates.

  · If you can hit something with it, Arcane Explosion is a useful way to keep AC stacks up while moving.

  · Frost is a good offspec for haste-stacking Arcane Mages, as they both benefit from the stat (unlike Fire or mastery-Arcane).

  · Generally, Frost’s AoE and burst makes it superior to other specs for Challenge Modes.

  · Glyph of Armours increases each armour’s defensive benefit by 10 percentage POINTS, not 10% of the original number.

  · Frost Bomb calculates its damage based on when it explodes, not when you cast it. Make sure your cooldowns are up.

  · NT and LB can be ‘clipped’ – refresh them just before they expire and you’ll still get the last tick/explosion.