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Blizzard's Announcement at PAX East

Blizzard is announcing something new at PAX East this Friday, and we'll be there to cover the announcement live!

The invitation Wowhead received specifically referred to a "new Blizzard project" and described it in the following way: "We've been working on a little something, different from our other games...It’s not a sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO, but it’s something we’re excited for you to get your hands on."

We already knew that they'd be demoing the console version of Diablo III at PAX East, so we're very curious what this announcement could be. Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo confirmed on Twitter that it's not Titan.

If you'll be at PAX East, the presentation will be in the Naga Theatre at 10:00 am, March 22nd. Twitch will also be streaming the panel live.